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The watch has become a veritable piece of jewelry and an accessory that we shouldn’t leave home without. For women, the watch is something that should always be a statement of elegance, class and lifestyle.

In the old times, watches were considered to be important because of their functionality. But in our days, the timepiece has become a fashion must. Women today like to have watches that are loose around the wrist thus creating the feel of a bracelet and therefore an accessory. In 2010 the retro combined with the contemporary is the latest trend.

There are many materials that are used for making the band of the watches. Some of the hottest materials are: gold, silver, titanium and platinum. Also, watch bands made out of a soft material are becoming more and more popular. They combine two characteristics: they are comfortable and they look wonderful. The watch makes an important statement this is why one should be particularly attentive when choosing his/her timepiece.

In the old days, the wristwatches were considered to be more practical than the pocket watch. But today, the trend has brought in the lime light the pocket watch once again. This type of timepiece has become fashionable and those who are wearing it are considered trendy and not old fashioned. The pocket watch used to be dedicated strictly to men but there is nobody saying that women cannot wear such a watch.

The more unique the watch is, the more people will admire it. If you want to get a little more of that retro look that is considered to be the latest trend, then you should go and see what you can find in antique stores. The watch makes and important statement this is one of the reasons why you should consider what your watch wants to say about you and then invest in a timepiece.

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