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Hair loss is a common problem suffered by millions and is not limited to just men. It can be a real cause of stress and anxiety resulting in low self esteem, a lack of confidence and even depression. It is for this reason that many search for treatments for hair loss and where this article can help. After reading this article you will have an understanding of the differing hair loss solutions that can help you with your hair loss problem.

Before undergoing any hair grow treatment you must learn if your condition is hereditary or due to a specific medical problem. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a Doctor to ensure it’s not a medical condition you are dealing with. If it is medical, your Doctor will prescribe the best course of action to take.

Once you know you are not dealing with a medical condition, the treatment that will be best for you will depend on the type of product you want to use and its permanence. Available solutions range from simple styling cover ups, specialist shampoos and conditioners, hair loss natural remedies, regrowth tablets and serums to the more extreme surgical options.


Hair Transplant – Hair is grafted from parts of the scalp where it has hair and grafted to the thinning or bald area. Scalp Stretching – Parts of the scalp with hairs are stretched and stitched over thinning or bald areas. As you can imagine, these are extreme and expensive measures.

Natural Remedies

There are a number of natural remedies or ‘old wives tails’ that people have tried. A very popular remedy is the use of apple cider vinegar to treat hair loss. Unfortunately there is no scientific evidence to prove whether a natural remedy will work at stimulating hair re-growth.

Specialist Treatments

There are a number of hair loss products that have been developed and promise to thicken thinning hair and stimulate the re growth of dead follicles to make your hair grow faster. They can be made from a mixture of vitamins, minerals and plant extract or they can be chemical based. These can be in the form of Topical treatments that are applied directly to the scalp or in tablet form to be taken orally. Some of these products are little more than expensive shampoos or creams. However, there are products that have really helped re grow hair.

Temporary Solutions

Temporary solutions are short term and include styling your hair to hide the troublesome areas and using wigs and hair pieces.

Choosing the right Treatments For Hair Loss is essential if you want stop you stop hair loss and re grow hair. To discover the hair loss treatment that worked for 100s of men and women CLICK PROVILLUS HAIR LOSS to read about the hair loss solution that could help you re-grow your hair and regain your confidence.

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