Reasons And Remedies For Hair Loss

What you are about to read will give you an insight on what options are available for hair loss. Hair loss knows no boundaries and affects men, women and children. But the most emotional impact coming from these affects women. This article will identify some causes along with some information on recently approved FDA laser treatment that you may not be aware of. Also some information will be given as to the best candidate types for the use of medication to regain your hair.

Impact of female loss of hair.

In the United States alone, there are millions of women that are afflicted with this disease. Research to combat this disease is ongoing and many strides are being taken to try to circumvent this problem. One of the reasons why this is such an emotional impact for women is because when they get diagnosed and their options are less than if a man gets it. To let me explain a bit further, if a woman contracts hair loss they seem to contract it across their entire scalp versus the male who only seems to contract it in one specific area. Because females are affected across the whole region of their scalp is the reason why options are fewer.

What are some common causes of towards the female loss of hair?

Hormonal changes in women is a big factor. These changes can occur because of an overactive or under active thyroid gland. So treating the thyroid disease may help stop the hair loss.

Another reason for sudden disappearance of hair in women is childbirth. In fact it’s pretty common that loss is evident after a pregnancy because of the imbalance of hormones within the body. Normally after a few months hair will eventually stop unless there is an underlying problem.

What types of treatments are available?

There are medicinal treatments and a newly approved treatment from the FDA in January of 2007 that identifies a laser therapy from a comb.

The laser therapy uses a comb that when used activates hair growth by stimulating live, dormant follicles at the base level. This therapy does not grow new hairs, it just brings back to life dead ones. This treatment works for both men and women and this doesn’t preclude medication for a full recovery of hair.

Medicinal treatments are available too for people that are afflicted due to heredity, age or hormones. The best type of medication for this is the use of Rogaine and can be helpful in the growth of hair. There are many places where you can get discounted prices for Rogaine on the internet if this is what you want to do.

This article has given you some information on the impact of hair loss for men and women and have identified what treatments could be used. Be it hair piece extensions or whatever treatment you do intend to use be sure and get an opinion from a specialized physician to insure the best treatment available.

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