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Everyone wants quick results when it comes to regrowing their hair and preventing further loss of it. Usually it’s totally the opposite for most of us.

When it comes to regrowing your hair and stopping hair loss, you know it can be a daunting task. For one thing your hair is probably falling out faster than it can grow back. This is why you’re noticing thinning areas on your head.

The average person who isn’t suffering from hair loss loses about 50-100 hairs every single day. This is all part of the growth phase of your hair and is considered normal. What can you do if your hair fall is not normal?

Take note of one interesting truth about hair loss. Some believe, or let me say a lot of people believe, that their hair loss is due to genetics. This is only partly true and isn’t always the case. There are other determining factors that can lead to baldness.

Hormonal imbalances, prescription meds, and even lack of sufficient nutrients in your diet can cause you to see thinning hair quickly. Here’s some suggestions for eliminating this problem:

Tip #1 : Get a good intake of the right nutrients. This is highly important and can make or break your hair growing efforts. Not all nutrients are vital for the growth of your hair. The specific ones to take are saw palmetto extract, various B-vitamins such as biotin, magnesium, zinc, pumpkin seed, and even nettles.

Tip #2 : Improve the circulation of blood in your scalp. How can this be done? Simply by the use of simple scalp massage for 15 minutes daily. This one act alone can do a lot for you because it sends blood directly to your follicle roots, which pull the nutrients out and use them for the production of hair.

These are only the tips of the iceberg. If you want to get the whole package on how to fully regrow your hair without the use of any hair loss products, download your free ebook now: Top 3 Keys For Fast Hair Growth [http://www.hair-loss-secret.com/squeezepage.html]

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