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In this article I’m going to talk about a help stop losing hair medicine. If you’ve ever done an internet search for hair loss products, you’ve probably noticed the vast amount of products that are available to treat your hair. The hair loss industry in huge, in which Americans spend over $3.5 billion dollars a year on solutions promising to bring them their hair back. Unfortunately, most hair loss products are ineffective and don’t come through with their promises. However, there are a select few solutions that have shown the majority of its users real results. Below are descriptions of a few of these products.

Finasteride – Finasteride is the generic name of a popular product called Propecia. If you go to your doctor inquiring about hair loss solutions, chances are he or she will recommend using Propecia. This is because it’s the only FDA solution that can effectively block DHT in your scalp.

As you may already know, DHT is a chemical in your scalp that thins out your hair and stop their growth. Since Propecia can inhibit this chemical, it can help to prevent any additional hair loss you normally would have experienced. Its not an over the counter product so you’ll have to go through your doctor to get a prescription.

The only thing I don’t like about Finasteride is the kind of side effects it shows many of its users. Since it messes with DHT, which is a byproduct of testosterone, sexual side effects are one of the most common negative side effects. Expect to experience a loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunctions, loss of semen, and if your a woman, complications with your fetus. Since the side effects are so intense, Finasteride isn’t my number first choice for the best hair loss treatment.

Best Help Stop Losing Hair Medicine – Provillus – There is a product that works very similarly to Finasteride. It takes a few approaches for treating your hair, one of which is to block your DHT’s. It does so a bit differently compared to Finasteride. Instead of using medication, it uses herbs such as Saw Palmetto, which have been shown to work effectively in blocking the DHT chemical. Since it uses natural herbs, you won’t experience any sort of side effects you normally would using products such as Propecia. This means you can get the same sort of outcome, except without having to deal with the intense sexual side effects. It also contains a topical gel containing Minoxidil, the only FDA approved hair stimulant that has been shown to legitimately grow new hair on its users. For these reasons, Provillus may be the best product you can go with to effectively treat your hair.

What about Rogaine?!? It’s one of the most popular products for hair loss treatment and I didn’t even mention it. Click Here [] to find out if it even compares to Provillus and to read other reviews of the top hair loss products.

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