Hair Loss Vitamin Supplement – What Are The Connections?

Hair loss is a vexing problem for millions of Americans. Indeed, thousands of people spend a great deal of money, perhaps thousands of dollars per year trying to slow down, stop or even reverse the slow onslaught of the receding hair line. What most people might not realize is that vitamins could play a major roll in the condition of their hair.

A major player in the world of hair loss vitamin supplement is an inadequacy in various B vitamins, especially B6, biotin, insotil and folic acid. While these vitamins are found readily in a lot of foods rich in beta carotene, and even orange juice, most Americans today simply don’t get enough of them in their diet. Therefore, a simple vitamin supplement rich in vitamin B complexes might be a simple solution to your hair loss problem.

In addition to B vitamin complex, certain minerals are known to be associated with the prevention of hair loss, thus making it a great candidate for a hair loss vitamin supplement. In fact, in a recent scientific study when laboratory rats were fed a diet deficient in magnesium, they lost their hair in clumps. The situation was also similar to that experienced by rats that were given other B-vitamin deficiencies. However, the condition was shown to be reversible; once the deficiency was satisfied the hair loss on the rats diminished and was reversed.

Of course, vitamins in the B-complex are not the only characters in this hair loss play. In fact, over exposure to certain vitamins can encourage hair loss. One such vitamin is Vitamin A. Taking large doses of this vitamin, over 100,000 IUs or more daily can lead to some serious hair loss. However, the simple stopping of the intake in many cases can reverse the hair loss. Other vitamins are essential not only in preventing hair loss, but in maintaining the condition of the hair.

For example, vitamin C, well known in the treatment of the common cold, is known to help with circulation of blood to the scalp. If the scalp is well nourished by the blood, than there is less of a chance for the hair to fall out. Another vitamin that helps with the nourishment of the scalp and prevention of hair loss is vitamin E. This vitamin, if taken in the correct doses allows more oxygen to enter the blood stream, thereby adding more nutrients to the scalp. In addition, this vitamin is used in a lot of shampoos that are designed for those who have thinning hair since it has been shown to repair the hair shaft.

In summary, hair loss can be stopped and reversed. Sometimes it takes a number of different approaches, but often a simple change in the diet and either an increase or decrease in the certain vitamins is all that it takes. Before taking an hair loss vitamin supplement, check with your doctor to make sure that it coincides with other medications that you might currently be taking.

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