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In this article I’m going to talk give a hair loss treatment review. My physical appearance is very important to me so when my hair started to fall out, I severely freaked out. I bought every hair loss solution that I could get my hands on and when on a frenzy to find what the best hair loss formula was that would stop my hair loss and grow back the hair I had lost. The majority of the products didn’t come through with what it advertised but a few actually gave solid results. Below are a few products that I had tried and my reviews of them.

Nizoral Shampoo – Many told me that Nizoral, a shampoo that is usually used to treat dandruff, would greatly help people dealing with baldness. It works because Nizoral’s main ingredient is Ketoconazole, which stops androgen in your scalp. Androgen is a hormone that is responsible for binding onto your hair follicles which shrinks them. I saw pretty good results with Nizoral, but since it’s not meant to be used as a hair loss treatment, you’re only supposed to use it twice a week. Nizoral can also dry up your scalp pretty bad if overused. It helped to stop my hair loss but didn’t actually thicken my existing hair or grow it back which was a bit disappointing. All in all, Nizoral shampoo is a pretty good option.

Herbal DHT Blockers – I decided to look into DHT blocking pills. Dihydrotestosterone is one of the main chemicals that is responsible for hair loss. Its the chemical the attaches to your hair follicles and blocks any blood that it would normally receive which is what stops any sort of growth after it has fallen out. It’s produced by an enzyme called Type II 5-reductase which are found in your oil glands in your hair follicles. From what I’ve heard, DHT blockers work well by stopping DHT production which ultimately would stop any sort of hair loss you normally would be experiencing. Once the DHT is blocked, hair growth is stimulated which helps to fill in areas where you’ve lost hair. The reason I wanted to try herbal DHT blockers is because many DHT blocking drugs (i.g. Propecia) gave pretty nasty side effects such as depression, brain fog, and loss of sex drive. Since hair loss treatments are long term applications, I didn’t think it was very realistic to take those medications. Herbal DHT blockers naturally block your DHT which means you won’t see any negative side effects. When I tried them, my hair loss had stopped within about 3 weeks. After about 2 and a half months, my hair actually starting to fill back in. I was very satisfied with this option. Hence, to conclude my hair loss treatment review, I would definitely suggest herbal DHT blockers.

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