Women’s Shoes for Summer 2007 – Top 3 Must-Haves


Not sure about the latest women’s shoes trends for this summer? No problem! The good news is that you don’t need to opt for the greatest designer shoes in order you get that perfect look this summer, since there are wide ranges of affordable and chic women’s shoes that have the same style as the designer ones. Plus, you might go back to the shoes you used to wear some years ago (or many, many years ago). Here are the top 5 women’s shoes you have to wear this summer!

1. Platforms. Shoes with oversized platforms present quite an interesting fashion history. They were very strong hits back 4 years ago, then they went in the shadow, but they are definitely making a strong comeback these days! Platforms were the hits of the 60’s and 70’s, so you might find some still fashionable and wearable platform shoes in your mother’s closet. If you are still wondering about these shoes, then you should know that the best ones are those which present wooden platforms, or platforms made of various materials and combined with textile fabrics, such as hard linen in vibrant colors or even glossy latex.

2. Flat shoes. Flat shoes are not only chic, but they are extremely comfortable, as comfortable as bare feet! Basically, flat shoes have been in fashion for quite some time now, so you don’t need to throw away the pairs you used to wear during the previous seasons – but in order to be in the latest trends, you have got to opt for metallic flat shoes, especially golden and copper-colored for the evening and for plain white, cream or yellow flat shoes for the day, for a genuine summer look.

3. Thick high heels. More precisely, the thick heels that represented the 1950’s – remember the old movies from those ages: the actresses wore midi dresses that accentuated their feminine figures, short and wavy haircuts and, of course, thick high heels. These trendy shoes must some with low cuts, showing most of the feet or with delicate straps (not so much around the ankle this season). How to wear such shoes? Well, they are definitely more comfortable than the thin heeled shoes, so they can be wore during the day, too. Imagine this look: little black dress and red or purple velvet shoes with thick high heels.

There you go, it is not as hard as it seems, right? This summer, you can wear three very different styles of women’s shoes and manage to make a fashion statement and gain the admiration of the ones around you. Matched with the right outfit, these styles of women’s shoes are both chic and comfortable, both for daily walks and for your nights out!

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