Women’s Boots – New Fashion Boots for Troublesome Calves


Many women find it difficult to find boots that don’t require sticklike calves. To fix this problem, some shoppers have gone so far as to buy boots two sizes too big just to be comfortable. There are, however, many solutions to this common problem.

The more obvious solution is to find designers who produce women’s boots in wide or extra wide calve. Even though the label can be somewhat upsetting, keep in mind that in the boot world, wide is normal. Certain materials work better with the average boot wearer. Leather will eventually stretch to fit and other lycra materials move well with your calve muscles to create a smooth and sexy leg.

When making your choice, make sure the boot has extra give, so that you can comfortably walk. When walking, all the muscles in your calve and leg enlarge slightly for balance and stability and when a boot is too tight, walking can be difficult and even painful. If the boot is extremely tight, the seams may rip, ruining the boot altogether.

All different style boots exist which help greatly with the calve size problem. First of all, with flexible leather, a zipper along the length of the boot can make for an easier fit. Second, ankle height or mid-calve boots have all of the style of knee high boots eliminating calve problems entirely. These styles can also increase overall comfort and look great with jeans!

Bigger heels and fun new styles have made boots one of the most fashionable and popular type of shoe today. Boots are not only great for working, hiking, and horseback riding; boots look great with all lengths of skirts and all types of slacks. Cowboy boots can now be worn anywhere, including city sidewalks. And pointed toe boots make a bold fashion statement. There are rubber boots to be worn in the rain, and platform boots working their way back up from the 70’s discos. Boots are no longer just for mucking stalls, they come in infinite colors and styles to fit every personality type.

No matter what your experience with boots, there are styles for you. You do not need to have tiny calves to wear boots, you just have to know what to look for: stretchy materials, wide or extra wide labels, full-length zippers, or just ankle length boots. With comfortable and stylish boots, any woman can feel sexier and fashionable.

Kimi Lasser is a consumer writer and fashion consultant for a local women’s dress shoes store [http://www.cinderellasnewyork.com] and a women’s boots [http://www.cinderellasnewyork.com/womens-boots.html] enthusiast. She currently attends the Rochester Institute of Technology where she studies Advertising Photography.

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