Military Boots – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Military boots have been worn by soldiers for most of recorded history. Unlike the sandals worn by armies in biblical times, combat boots offered much more in the way of comfort and practicality.

Soldiers fighting in the Ancient Roman Army wore military boots called ‘caligae’. These were laced high over the ankle for support and had hobnails on their soles for added traction.

Although today’s combat boots vary somewhat to the ones worn by Roman soldiers, they still offer protection and support to the wearer.

Although there are a number of different brands and types of military boots, most aim to provide:

-Excellent grip for rugged terrains

-Ankle stability to prevent slipping

-Foot protection and comfort in the form of water resistance and ventilation

Modern combat boots vary in style to suit different military requirements. Soldiers fighting in hot desert climates for instance need very different boots to those fighting in wet, cold regions.

The type of task a soldier is involved in will also affect the type of boot that he needs. As a result there are different military boots for those fighting in tanks and those fighting on foot in the mountains.

In the past, many soldiers have complained that combat boots were fairly uncomfortable. However, modern versions are designed with comfort in mind. The use of Gore-Tex waterproofing and ankle supports for instance, makes today’s boots pleasant to wear.

Interestingly, although military boots are primarily about functionality they are also becoming a fashion item. After all, what self respecting Goth or Punk would wish to be seen with a pair of combat boots?

Asides from making a fashion statement, military style boots are also becoming popular amongst regular civilians because of the level of comfort that they offer to the wearer. Unlike many other types of footwear, they can be worn in a variety of different conditions and provide an excellent level of durability. sells Hanwag and Meindl military boots online at discounted prices.

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