Mens Fashion – The Necktie Is Dead, Or Is It?


It has been said that neckties are just fancy choke collars to impose conformity, invite enslavement, and remind the wearer that his superiors have him by the neck.
The debate between proponents and opponents of the wearing of neckties in the corporate world rages on, generally centered on issues of conformity, expectation, and expression.

I recently poled several offices of large corporate companies and found to my surprise that the necktie is still the number one fashion accessory for men of all ages.

Contrary to what I had been led to believe by the fashion pundits after speaking to a number of younger men, while some still held an abhorrence for the neck tie in the work place to my surprise there is an upsurge in interest among young consumers whose penchant for pairing non-traditional elements to create distinctly personal looks has been answered by modern captivating, vibrant neckwear.

Neckties are a $1 billion annual business in the United States, and necktie specialty shops have reported recent sales jumps in the double digits, says Jerry Andersen, executive president of the Men’s Dress Furnishings Association, a New York trade group.

European trends mirror these sort of figures as do many Asian countries.

To really appreciate just how these trends are tracking just enter the keyword neckties in Google to be confronted by a huge selection of websites selling ties.

Ties are still rated amongst the top 5 selling men’s gift.

Today much of the market growth is driven by the high end of the market with consumers demanding fashionable colors, styles and quality not found in your printed polyester tie. Pure silk double four fold and seven fold ties are fast gaining ground as the ties of choice as are custom ties made to order. For additional information on the high end of neckties and what constitutes a high end tie visit [] and follow the links or contact Brian for additional information.

Many may denigrate the tie as uncomfortable and pointless, yet they somehow they convey a power status and the personality and character of the wearer.

Neckties, an optional but vital component of a man’s wardrobe, will never disappear.

Brian is one of the founders of Classico Mens Wear Accessories. Over the years because of his passion for beautiful silk fabrics and the ties we make from them he has become a true necktie aficionados demanding only the very best quality,design and style from every tie we make. It was Brian who introduced to Classico the nearly lost art of making stunning hand made four and seven fold ties learnt from European artisans which have become our signature products. It’s about who you are for more info visit []

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