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Leather wristbands have always been used as a decorative ornament by men and warriors. Every civilization and empire had its own fashion statement. With time, styles have changed but leather wristbands are still in vogue.

Leather wristbands are available in a wide variety, styles and designs, which are highly influenced by culture and history. Exotic Handmade Italian Wristbands are preferred by men all around the globe. Italian wristbands are handmade from genuine leather. An amazing and smart range of Handmade Italian Wristbands is available.

Leather wristbands also include a range of designer collection of Roman style wristbands. They are handcrafted in a stylish design and are fitted with double snaps. Individuals may also choose exclusive pieces from the spectacular range of Milan styled wristbands. Milan styled wristbands are prominently decorative and bold, with small studs accentuating the core design. Venetian style wristbands are attractive and innovative as they double up as a billfold or wallet. The Proto Foxi is a new innovative double-wrap band and looks stunning as the leather is studded with green highlights.

An interesting range of metal studded leather wristbands is picking up fast. These wristbands are mainly made from black leather and are studded in steel cones, pyramids, oblong pyramids and at times even with spikes. Metal studded leather wristbands are often broader than regular sized wristbands. This range of wristband is very popular amongst dancers and rock singers.

Handmade genuine leather wristband may be personalized with name or initials.

Plain wide wristbands are generally 2″ wide and may make a statement due to their simplicity. Other designs may include hand tooled, geometrically designed wristbands. They are mainly made in deep mahogany color with the design accentuated in black.

Leather wristbands are generally quite expensive. It is advisable to look for a well fitting leather wristband, as it is not adjustable.

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