How To Choose Back to School Fashions That Will Suit Your Personality


Everyone expresses their individuality in different ways. As a Native American I have native tribal tattoos and earrings that set me apart from anyone else around where I live.
Some people will use certain symbols or customized sayings on t-shirts and other methods to express themselves. Many people use their clothes to express an attitude or certain way of thinking. When we see the clothes people wear when returning to school it tells a lot about them.

You can tell a lot about people by what they wear, for example the people you see returning to school who are wearing the exact same clothing style they wore during the last school term. Lame! When you look at these people you think, “Are they living in a hole?” It could be a strong indication that these people did not mature at all, if they continue this during the entire time they are in school it could represent a mental condition. On the other side of the coin, a person like this could have simply found the fashion style that they identify with and therefore see no reason to change the style that they wear.

Now onto those that are constantly changing their clothing and fashion styles. This again can represent a positive or a negative. On the positive side, it could simply be that the person has had a great experience while they are out of school that changed their fashion outlook and that they are looking at the world with a fresh perspective or that they are a changed person and they want everyone to know it.

The downside to this radical difference in back to school clothing choices is that the person could have had some major negative experience that changed their way of thinking or even their whole outlook on life. It could be their way of saying that they are changed and that they will not be a victim any longer.

Some returning students tend to go with the crowd and will dress according to what their friends are wearing. My biggest remembrance of this was the preppies who wore Izod Lacoste and khaki pants all the time. Another example of this would be the Goth look that is so prevalent these days. Where I live in Florida the style tends to lean more towards surfing and skateboarding clothing. There’s really no right or wrong, just express yourself.

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