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Wristbands are supposed to be a strip encircling the wrist that has evolved into a multipurpose strip and has varied uses. Some are used as medical wristbands that may provide medical information and some are used for events as ID proof. Wristbands have also been associated with sports.

Wristbands have been specially designed for several games such Gymnastics, weight lifting and boxing. Wristbands provide crucial support to wrists that experience a lot of stress. A wristband may be worn for safety purposes during any sports activity or exercise.

Physiotherapists highly recommend weightlifters to wear a wristband during weightlifting sessions in the gym or during competitions. Special wristbands are designed to provide the much needed extra wrist support. For maximum support the wrist wrap should be wrapped tightly before lifting any weights. The tight grip will not only provide an appropriate support but may also improve efficiency in lifting more weights. Wrist wraps are cleverly designed where in the cuff slips around the wearer’s wrist. It is provided with a Velcro that is supposed to be secured through the hook to fit tightly around the wrist. Wrist wraps help in stiffening of the wrist area that may be helpful in avoiding injury and to increase lifts.

Individuals who go in for rigorous stretching exercises and aerobics are advised to wear extra long wrist protection wrist band which are reliable and durable. These bands are made from cotton and terry cloth, which absorb perspiration too.

Regular joggers can go in for the 3-inch swooshes. They are made using 70%cotton, 21% nylon, and 4% Spandex. They help in sweat control and are very attractive as they may be embroidered with logos and symbols.

Exercising is very important for a healthy life and more important is to avoid a wrist injury. Thus a wristband is always recommended during exercise.

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