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The dark gloomy monsoon clouds bring along a depressing and dull feel around us. It is usually seen that with the onset of the rainy seasons, people start dressing shabbily or better still find reasons to stay back at home in order to avoid dressing up. To defy this glum it is important that we do something to make ourselves feel better and happier. And what could be more effective than dressing up and staying fashionable as ever. Let not the rains dampen your spirits and prevent you from missing out on all the fun, which happens only when the rains are around.

Here we shall be discussing all the factors that are essential in order to dress safely for the monsoons yet look gorgeous and cool as ever. Considering the fact that monsoons are humid seasons when things around get big time messy you have to be extremely particular and careful about your choice of clothing and make-up to match it perfectly.


Monsoons are a reason to shuffle your wardrobe and pull out the funky clothes you had kept away for months. Get back into your dungarees matched with funky bright t-shirts either in floral prints or in pastels. Considering the dampness that continues for days during the season, it is preferable to avoid thick clothing materials like denims, cords, or thick cottons and mixes. Rather switch to chiffons and other lighter fabrics that take lesser time to dry, so that even if your are out and you get drenched in the rain, you will not have to sit and shrink till you are dry.

Knee length dresses that are not too sticky but fit well to your body, or capris, skirts, cotton leggies teamed with short or hip-length tops depending on the body structure shall make the perfect wear for a day out on the rains. Mixed Denim pants that can be conveniently folded and take lesser time to dry, matched with cool cotton t-shirts or casual shirts in pastels or prints too make great monsoon wears. For an evening or a party wear during the monsoons, go for Lycra chic shirts and pants or even Lycra business suits that are easy to wash too. Avoid wearing layered dresses in the rainy seasons as they only add to the muddle.

Make up:

Now for some make up tips for the rainy days. The trick is to keep it minimum and to have it light. Use only waterproof products for the season so that the rains do not mess up your face. Pastel colours are best for the season, as they give a refreshing look and also add some drama to the face. Use waterproof eyeliners, mascaras and lipsticks that stay longer. Matte finish suits best on rainy days; as it does not make the face look oily and sticky during the monsoons.

Keeping your skin clean and clear should be the mantra for all seasons though, but the monsoons demand a little extra care, as there is already a lot of moisture in the air that tends to dampen the skin. Clean your skin regularly with a good cleanser followed by a toning and moisturizing process suitable to your skin type. Wash your face repeatedly to avoid accumulation of dirt, germs or oil on your face.

For your hair, it is best to keep a hustle free hairstyle for the rainy seasons so that your hair does not mess in the rains. Wash your hair daily with a good mild shampoo to keep your scalp clean all the time. Use of conditioners should be limited for the monsoon days, as conditioners tend to limp your hair.

Monsoon accessories:

To make your monsoons more happening and chic, add a bit of funky monsoon accessories to your regular dressing. Go shopping for some latest trendy raincoats and umbrellas that add a dash of spice to your monsoon dressing. The range of raincoats and umbrellas available in the market these days will take you by surprise. If you are the bolder types, you could go for the odd ones to get noticed and admired.

To complete your look invest in good trendy monsoon foot wears too that not only look hep but also act as a protecting shield to your feet. Avoid wearing your leather goods till the rains say good-bye, as leather tends to wear-out fast if exposed to water. Instead, wear cool sandals and chappals in rubber and other water-resistant materials that are durable yet trendy.

Last but definitely not the least keep healthy and safe during the season and enjoy the splashes. Avoid eating greasy food even though they are immensely tempting especially during the rains. Avoid walking on muddy waterlogged streets to prevent catching on skin-infection.

Better still take a rainy day off sit by the window side, watch the rains pouring down the streets, sip on some good coffee and homemade popcorns and relax with some good music and your favorite authors book.

Preetu Misra is a contributed writer for Batchmates.com the largest Alumni portal in India. With her research work and articles she has added an additional edge to the entertainment e-magazine BM Times. Her articles reach to millions of readers every day which are varied in subjects.

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