Choosing The Right Tropical Guayabera Shirt For The Occasion


The Guayabera shirt or Mexican wedding shirt is a very comfortable and elegant shirt, this world famous piece of clothing has more than 200 years of history choosing the right shirt for your event is key to having a good experience.

Most of the time the guayabera has about the same design with the traditional four front pockets and the pleated bands front and back, these bands are also known as pin-tucks.

You need to select the guayaberas based on the type of event or party you are having. I here is a list of the main fabrics used today and their characteristics which will help make the right decision when selecting these beautiful tropical shirts.

100% Linen Guayabera shirts.

A material made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen is the guayabera shirt traditional fabric of choice for its freshness and light weight. Very well suited for a outdoor party or event, if you are looking for a special shirt for a beach wedding the linen cuban shirts are your best choice. The white color on this kind of fabric tends to be a very bright white and the darker colors have a slightly shine very unique top the linen fabric.

100% Irish Linen Cuban Shirt.

Irish linen is the best linen available and is thicker than the regular Chinese linen or linen guayabera shirts. These shirts are very strong and still very fresh they are also a good choice for an outdoor event, wedding, or corporate party. When you select these shirts you will received a top quality fabric and the best craftsmanship in the Guayabera or Mexican wedding shirt market.

100% Pima cotton Guayabera shirts.

The pima cotton fabric is very soft light weight and very elegant fabric. Colors on this fabric have a tendency to look pastel to the eye. Choose the pima cotton fabric for a light and fresh guayabera shirt. The pima cotton is warmer than the linen fabric and well suited for an afternoon or evening event on a tropical island or a warm summer night.

Poly / Cotton Blend Guayabera.

The poly / cotton Guayaberas are value priced Guayaberas; they are strong long lasting shirts. Machine washable. Made of 60% polyester and 35% cotton. These Guayaberas also have very colorful with designs and patterns. They are use at restaurants and hotels as uniforms too. has been in business for 5 years delivering Guayaberas, linen sets, Mexican Wedding Shirts, linen pants and many other tropical items to customers around the world. Our return policy is the best in the market with a full year return. Contact Alexis Martin at 1800-657-0292 or e-mail at

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