11 Great Features that Your Picture Handbag Must Have


All picture handbags make wonderful gifts for any occasion, but certain features can make them the perfect gift. If you’re shopping for a picture handbag now, make sure that you’re purchasing what could be termed as “perfect” rather than something merely pretty.

11 Great Features that Your Picture Handbag Must Have

THE RIGHT SIZE – Women are very particularly when it comes to the size of handbags. Women who are organized and lead busy lifestyles tend to prefer large sized bags while women who love having fun usually prefer smaller sized bags more.

THE RIGHT HANDLES – Handles, depending on its design, can make your picture handbag look more elegant or funky. If you can choose the handles for your bag, choose one that will fit your recipient’s hands comfortably. It should be the right size and won’t cause your palms to perspire too much.

COLOR – If you want your recipient to be able to use your picture handbag all the time, choose one that comes in neutral shades like black, white, and gray. If your recipient always goes outdoors, it might be better to choose a darker shade so that smudges of dirt won’t be easily visible.

METAL FEET – This is a must for all types of women. With metal feet, the bottom part of your picture handbag won’t be suffering from any dirt or scratches. You can set it on the table or the ground and still feel assured that the base of your bag will stay dust-free.

PHOTOS – You’ll usually be able to print two photos on one handbag just as long as you’re willing to pay extra. You can also have it turned sepia or black and white to give it a rustic tone.

MATERIAL – Durability is a must for practical women while smoothness of texture is desired more by women who have no problems enjoying creature comforts.

INNER ZIPPERED POCKETS – No matter what the size of your picture handbag is, make sure it has an inner zippered pocket. Women always look for this feature because it allows them to set aside – and protect – small items they have with them all the time.

CELLPHONE POCKET – If your recipient owns a mobile phone then she’s sure to have it with her all the time. You can help her enjoy more convenience and comfort in using her mobile phone by looking for a photo handbag with its own cellphone pocket.

MIRROR POCKET – Women who primp are not necessarily vain. Maybe, they just want to look pretty or presentable for you! Whichever the case is, your recipient is sure to appreciate your gift more if it comes with a mirror pocket.

DETACHABLE PANELS – Not all picture handbags come with this feature, but if you’re lucky enough to find one that does – avail it right away! Detachable panels allow your recipient to use another photo for the bag if she wishes for a different style.

KEY FOBS – If you notice your recipient frequently having a hard time looking for her keys inside her bag, make sure that you buy a picture handbag with key fobs attached to its interior.

By exerting extra time and effort to come up with the perfect picture handbag, you’re sure to make your lovely recipient not just smile but maybe cry tears of joy as well…provided you’ve gotten the photo right as well.

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