The Perfect Perfume: For You Made By You


Have you ever bought perfume in a store? If so, did you like the scent? How much did it cost? Believe it or not, the ingredients of the perfume you bought actually costs about 10% of the product’s retail price. All the other cost went into the perfume’s packaging, sales profit, advertising as well as tax.

Wouldn’t it be a lot better if your hard-earned money is put into a truly essential exotic oil which you could actually afford, and one which you made yourself?

The choice of perfume is usually based on the following idea: if you would be a perfume, would this be actually you?

Though buying essential oils may cost you more than the usual dollars, relax. These oils only require two drops or less yet it would be enough to infuse a whole bottle of luxuriously rich perfume. Using essential jasmine oil is an example. Unlike the other bottled perfumes bought in stores, your own home-made perfume is authentically yours and you are definitely sure yours is the real one.

Naturally made, naturally you

The benefit of making your own perfume is that you get to maintain and preserve its natural concentrate. There is no room for preservatives and unnatural chemicals going into your precious skin. Though there is no guarantee that essential oils would not react with your body, it is always best to sample an essential oil before using it.

Create your own perfume formula

An expensive essential oil is usually packaged in bottles that are of different sizes, ranging from gallons to drams. The size of a dram is similar to a tube size sample used in various stores. These drams are perfect for testing oils in order to see if you are allergic to them or not.

It is a fact that the strength of the liquid you use on your own perfume depends a lot on the essential oil ratio to alcohol and water. The strongest among these is the perfume. Usually about between fifteen to thirty percent of essential exotic oil must be used. Then, alcohol should be about seventy to eighty five percent.
The remaining five percent is vodka, preferably 100 proof. Believe it or not, Brandy could also be used. However, it has an aroma that is so distinct that problems might exist when it is blended with the oils.

If colors are to be added, using natural and quality food vegetable dye is advisable. The bottles to be used must also be sterilized.
Also, it would be best if the bottles to be used are not the clear, transparent glasses as these attracts light. However, if you see the need to display your perfume creations, it would be best to keep the rest in a darker and separate container.

Record your formula

It is important that the formulas you make for your perfume is recorded appropriately. Be aware though that a mere drop of exotic essential oil could actually change the whole perfume formula.

Example, though you know you put in vanilla, ylang-ylang and jasmine yet you have no idea if it was two drops, three, four, it would be difficult to determine how you were able to create that masterpiece.

It would be easy therefore to have to look back on something with assurance and validity.

All in all, making a home made perfume is easy and a whole lot affordable in the long term.

Sheila Hensen and Scott Ford, hobbyists and freelance writers for the perfume industry, have combined to bring together the best tips on making your own perfumes at home for fun and profit:

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