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For those in search of improved health and vitality, increased attention has been given to diet and exercise. We understand now that optimum health relies on proper nutrition and a commitment to consistent physical activity. Diet, especially, plays a significant role in our overall health; and the diet that our bodies best responds to is that which incorporates natural, whole – even organic – choices. Natural foods pack a punch of vitamins and minerals and do not contain chemicals, preservatives, or processed sugars. Experts agree that this is the healthiest diet we can put in our bodies. So when it comes to caring for our hair, it stands to reason that natural hair care will give us the best opportunity for healthy, beautiful hair.

Natural hair care generally refers to every day treatment for our hair using natural products with as little interference from chemicals and machines as possible. For instance, natural hair care starts with shampoo and conditioner that can be used on an every day basis and contains no chemicals that can dry out your hair. The best place to find such products is in a natural whole foods store or health food store. You will find a wide selection of natural shampoo and conditioner that contains ingredients found in nature – honey, milk, and plant extracts. Look for products that work with your particular type of hair – thin, thick, straight, curly, dry, oily, etc.

If your hair is particularly dry, you may need to also treat it with a periodic deep conditioning. Such natural hair care conditioners can also be found in natural whole foods stores. There are also a number of online resources that offer such products; websites devoted to natural hair and beauty products.

With a commitment to natural hair care comes a commitment to limiting your hair’s exposure to unnatural environmental factors. Limit use of the blow dryer, curling iron, and flat iron as much as possible. Exposing your hair to this forced heat will only serve to dry and damage it in the long term. It is also important to limit your hair’s exposure to the sun; wear a hat as much as possible when outdoors in summer sun.

Natural hair care requires only a little more effort to find products that work with your hair and to avoid those elements that can damage your hair. But taking steps to treat your hair well will reward you with beautiful, healthy hair for years to come.

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