How To Get A Soft, Romantic Look With Curling Irons

I’m very fond of the straight style created by using a flat iron. It’s a pretty practical style that looks well-groomed, and it can be transformed into something more no-nonsense by using a ponytail holder or something more preppy with a patterned headband. But you know what product seems to have gotten the bum rap these days? Curling irons, that’s what!

Think about your favorite movie involving a heroine and her hero. Of course her hair was long (that goes without saying) but was her hair pin-straight? I don’t think so. That’s because the soft, wavy look is extremely flattering on most face types. It’s very fluid and complements the softness of the face. Face it, romantic hair is wavy hair.

How do you get the stylish wavy look with curling irons? You’ll need at least two, each a different diameter. Three curling irons would be ideal to help give variety in curl shape, size, and life for the most natural look possible.

Ironically, you should start with clean, dry hair that’s been straightened. It may sound odd, but by smoothing the cuticle with the blow drying and straightening process first, you create the best starting block for your curls. Then start at the bottom, pinning the bulk of your hair at the top of your head so you can work. With each of your curling irons turned on to a heat setting appropriate for your hair type, start in the back center and work out, coming around to your jaw line. Grab small sections of hair with the curling irons and wrap it around the barrel spirally. Vary the length of time you have the sections wrapped up. Do not touch or brush the curls when done; let them completely cool, then finger-comb through after rubbing some shining serum through your hands. Voila, perfectly wavy, natural-looking hair with curling irons!

Julie enjoys sharing health and beauty tips. A great resource for flat irons, curling irons and hair styling tools of all kinds is My Hair Styling Tools.

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