Hair Categories and Characteristics


1. Often categorized by the origin of hair.

a) European – top quality, highest in demand, most expensive, difficult to attain, light colors (light brown to blond), slightly wavy
b) Chinese – plentiful in supply, processed often to to achieve lighter colors and to make it less coarse, silky and straight
c) Indian – tends to curl after washed, naturally wavy, dark brown to black in color, harvested in temples of India, resembles European hair quite well
d) Brazilian – natural deep curls, versatile, light brown to black in color, strong and vibrant
e) Malaysian – similar to Chinese hair but less coarse, processed to achieve lighter colors, silky and straight

2. Remy vs Non-Remy

a) Remy hair is hair that’s been harvested in such a way where all the cuticles are leaning the same direction, just like your natural living hair that’s on your head. This ensures less tangling and promotes longevity. Some Remy hair is collected from one to two donors, but more often than not Remy hair is collected from 8 to 10 donors. Naturally, because there’s more time and care involved in gathering Remy hair, the cost associated with such product is usually higher.
b) Non-Remy hair is the exact opposite, where there is no care and attention to upright position of the hair strands.

3. Double-Drawn vs Single-Drawn

a) Double drawn hair tends to have all hair strands the same length, about 80% to 100%.
b) Single drawn hair tends to have about 60 to 80% the same length.


1. Heat Resistant (Good Quality) vs Non Heat Resistant (Poor Quality)

a) Heat Resistant Fiber – the synthetic fiber is heat resistant (sometimes with higher temperature threshold than human hair), making it versatile and curl/flat iron-friendly. Companies like Kanekalon and XO Synthetic have been known to have superior quality synthetic fiber that looks and feels like the real thing.
b) Non-Heat Resistant Fiber – cheap synthetic fiber more catered towards the toy & novelty item industry.

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