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As warmer weather approaches, fashions change, activities change, even our lifestyles change. So should your perfume. You may even notice that some fragrances advertise themselves as being great for summer. But just what makes a great summertime scent?

Your individual skin chemistry affects how a perfume wears on you. Skin chemistry is reason that the same perfume can smell differently on two different people. The warmer months can change your skin chemistry, including how much you perspire. If you shower more frequently in the summer or if you go out in the sun and your skin gets dry, these things can also change how a scent works for you.

The perfume you wore all winter in the house or at the office may not work as you start spending more time outdoors and wearing looser, lighter, or skimpier clothing. As a general rule, winter perfumes tend to be heavier, muskier, “darker,” while summer scents are lighter.

There are lots of great ways to get some summer scents. The fact is that summer is a fun time for most of us, filled with parties and social occasions, vacations, and days at the beach. It’s a great time to go for happy, frivolous, trendy kinds of scents. Think light.

Some of the best ideas for summer fragrances are the new crop of so-called fruity-floral perfumes that blend fruity notes into a light floral scent. For some fruity floral fun, sample Sunset Heat by Escada or Sugar by Fresh. If you want to get a great summer scent but still want to get something from a perfume boutique, try Little Italy by Bond No. 9 ( which is absolutely one of the most drop-dead wonderful citrus fragrances on the planet.

Another great fruity-floral line of products is available from Carol’s Daughter, which is best to buy from a large perfume site ([]). Carol’s Daughter makes a peachy scent called Groove that is particularly summery.

However, not everybody is going to go wild for fruity scents. Light florals are another good idea. Try Very Irresistable by Givenchy or Chelsea Flowers by Bond No. 9 or Goddess by Baby Phat. These are girly scents, but light and fun for summer.

If you want something a little less girly-girl, there are a lot of fragrances right now that tend to be light and almost cross-gender, that is, it might be unclear in a blindfold test whether they were cologne or aftershave. An excellent example of this kind of scent is One by Calvin Klein. I think it’s a fabulous scent, but I only wear it in warm weather.

When buying a fragrance product, your type of product may shift in the summer. In the winter, perfumes and eau-de-parfums work best; they are heavier, last longer, and seem a bit more dramatic. During the summer you may be better served with a nice light cologne or eau-de-toilette even though you may have to re-apply it periodically. But since summer is an active time for most of us, we tend to sweat and shower more in these warm months, so you are just naturally going to need to touch up your fragrance more frequently.

It’s true that colognes and eaux-de-toilette do not last as long as perfumes, but the very lightness of these products can make your favorite scents seem more breezy and summer-light. If you can’t make cologne last, buy a scented body lotion or cream plus a shower gel in the same fragrance. Then layer the product on. Body lotion (or so-called body butters) in particular will help anchor a cologne.

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Joanna McLaughin writes about fragrance and lifestyle and contributes frequently to her favorite website, . Her favorite scent today is Gramercy Park by Bond No. 9. This stuff rocks.

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