Different Types Of Professional Hair Shears

If you are employed in a salon you are likely to spend each day cutting, shaping, and thinning hair. This can put a lot of unnecessary stress on your hand muscles if you do not use a pair of professional hair shears. It is important that you invest in a design that will last for many years as opposed to needing to be replaced after only a short time. As with any occupation, the tools and equipment you use will determine how successful you are.

Understand that not all hair shears are the same. A big difference can be had in the type of blades that they feature. There are two options that are worth considering, namely convex and bevel.

A convex blade is a relatively new option and one that is often thought of as desirable as they require less force to be exerted. Convex blades are best used when slide cutting is important. Bevel blades are an older concept and would require a greater amount of force to be used, for this reason they can quickly result in muscle tiredness and strain if worked with all day long.

It is not just the blades that can be different, the tension system is also an important consideration. Professional hair shears can feature one of a number of different tension systems. For example there is the coin adjustable, leaf spring assembly, ball bearing pivot system, and rotating thumb ball bearing option.

Having the right tension for professional hair shears you are using will allow you to give a more professional cut to your customers. If the tension is loose the hair will be bent as opposed to sliced. The older system is the coin adjustable, it is still common place today and remains popular. A ball bearing type design would offer greater stability and movement.

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