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A perfume company is a multi-purpose entrepreneur. His company produces multiple products which he sales in the market. Yet only 70-80 percent of the product fetches him money. In this situation, no amount of subsidies or government support prices can help public. People will really benefit when they get money for fragrances residues. This can only happen when these residues can be used to produce energy for powering country. Three types of product can be produced from these residues. Liquid fuels such as ethanol or pyrolysis oil; gaseous fuels.

Ethanol, which can be used as perfume product conversions of residues. Extensive R&D is being done the world over to optimist this technology. Large plants in Canada, USA and US have already been set up with this technology. Nevertheless, a lot of research needs to be done to make ethanol production from residues economically viable. As the demand for product increases of the production.

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