Big Sexy Hair

All of your haircare is important to getting the big sexy hair you want. I will take you through how to wash and style to get the look you want.

Wash hair with a good volumizing shampoo and rinse well. Brands like got2B and John Frieda have volume enhancing systems that are made to pump up your volume.

Then…do it all over again.

If you wash twice, you can rid of excess dirt and oil and get your hair ready to style.


Everyone should condition but choose your conditioner wisely. Many brands offer volumizing or light conditioners that will help with your big sexy hair but opt for the right conditioner for your hair type.

Towel dry.

Add some product.

There are a number of products including gel and volumizing mousse that will give your body a little boost. For best results apply from root to tip.

Blow dry.

The heat from the blow dryer gives you a lift. But make sure you are alternating between sections. If you spend too much time on any one section it will over-dry.

The method: flip hair over and begin drying at the roots. Drying away from your scalp keeps your look from falling flat.

Make sure you are using the right tools. Use a round brush to lift hair up then aim the drier towards the roots, this also helps to add lift.

Give each section of your head a little attention.

After hair is mostly dry, focus on the bottom layers by pulling up the top layers then combing bottom layers under with your round brush, following it with the blow dryer.

Once the bottom layers are dry and volumized, pull down another section.

Again you’ll brush them out, dry your layers and repeat.

Now that you have a little volume, pick one of the styles in our “Big Sexy Hairstyle” section to finish the look.

Want more? Check out []! for all of your hair questions

~ L. Scott

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