Younger Healthier Skin In Just Minutes A Day

Exercise is great for every organ in your body and your skin is no exception. Whether walking, running, biking, taking a class, joining a gym, or using home exercise equipment for as little has 20 minutes a day 3 to 4 times a week you can experience a healthier, younger, more radiant change to your skin in a very short period of time. No matter how young or old you are exercise has been found to have tremendous anti aging benefits for your skin. Exercise improves your skin and defends it against the signs of aging because of the following five very positive physical effects it has on your body.

1. Exercise activates your skin’s cell production in the layer of your skin where new skin is formed increasing the production of new cells.

2. Exercise causes perspiration which purifies your body of toxics and increases the production of sebum a fatty substance that is your skin’s built in moisturizer. Sebum will help keep your skin from losing water, protect your skin from infection and boost your immune system. Sebum production tends to decline with age but you can maintain a peak supply if your active.

3. Exercise speeds up blood circulation which allows oxygen and vital nutrients to reach your skin more efficiently.

4. Exercise reduces stress. Stress has scientifically been proven to cause premature aging and promote the signs of aging.

5. Exercise can help you sleep more restfully. Sound and restful sleep allows your body to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin. When you toss and turn you interrupt this natural process of renewal.

Eileen Hammel is a Nationally & Internationally Recognized Image, Style and Beauty Expert Ms.Hammel is President of Smarter Image, and Smart Skin Care – Smart Cosmetics by Smarter Image. []

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