What’s in the Best Anti-Aging Skin Creams?


Undoubtedly, you have been slogging through a large assortment of different products while looking for the very best anti-aging skin creams. It’s hard to decide on what to buy when every manufacture is without fail telling you that his and his alone is the pinnacle in anti-aging skin cream.

Most of these claims are made without a shred of scientific data to back them up. The reason you’re not presented with said evidence is because more likely than not the data would utterly refute their claim to having the best anti-aging skin care creams on the market. So, trust not he would lead you blindly down the path.

Hard evidence of the products effectiveness is what you need, but with most of the flourishing cosmetics companies this proof is difficult to come by. I would ask a company representative if the anti-aging skin cream in question had been clinically tested. If the answer is yes, then there should be recorded data. If the answer is no, then put the product down and back away slowly.
I know that I for one am not going to slather myself up with anything that hasn’t been proven to be safe. The celebrity spokesperson can prattle on all day about what this product can do, but I’m not buying into the “best anti-aging skin creams” pitch unless you can show me something to back it up.

Of course I’m the kind of person who would never purchase something like that from television or an ad in a magazine anyway. I want to hold it, I want to look it over, but mostly I just want to be able to see what it actually says on the label.

What you’ll probably discover upon looking at the label is that the anti-aging skin cream that you’re holding in your hand isn’t nearly as pure and organic as you were led to believe. You’ll most likely find in it the very cost cutting chemicals and additive that most cosmetics companies use in order to save enough money to pay for said ads, and ensure that the company Christmas party is in Vegas again this year.

It’s not ‘technically’ as though the company purposely tried to dupe into believing that their “best anti-aging skin creams” were purely organic. The sad fact is that the companies are not really required by law to tell you anything at all about what goes into their products. They pretty much have free reign to tell you anything that they want.

This is because the governing bodies who are supposed to hold the makers of these products accountable don’t enforce the few regulations that are imposed on cosmetics companies. They are allowed to put collagen into their products even though it is a known high risk allergen. If you go to get collagen injections you must first take a battery of tests, but apparently you can slap it into some anti-aging skin cream and nobody cares.

When trying to find the best anti-aging skin creams for you, just be careful.

Joan is a natural health enthusiast and researcher with a keen interest in skin care. She is a regular contributor to [http://www.good-healthy-skin-site.com], a site dedicated to natural anti-aging skin care treatments.

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