The Antiaging & Wrinkle War – Start With The Foundation

The antiaging and anti wrinkle movement has began, fueled by a growing population of baby boomers try to enlist mercenaries against the sneaky enemy, the war of antiaging treatments for the fading and removal of fine lines and crows feet is growing at a near unstoppable pace.

As the body ages, fine lines and wrinkles begin to develop as collagen levels deplete and natural skin properties of elasticity and hydration fade. Sped up by lifestyle shifts in the 21st century and new environmental factors, we are starting to see a full fledge army of anti wrinkle and antiaging products come to the market and publicized in the mass media more and more with the passing days.

If you are in the huge percent of the population currently developing wrinkles and skin care dilemmas without much desire for keeping them, you will be happy to hear, more then ever we now have proper and cost effective skin care treatments and products enrolling on our side of the fight, to help us alleviate and vanquish the enemy, forming trenches in the form of wrinkles and battalions of skin irritations.

Be warned however though, not all antiaging wrinkle creams and products are created equal, and some are downright existent solely as a way to rid you with your money and make some big company more profit. Identifying commonalities of effective products, as well as understanding the science behind wrinkle reduction and lifestyle cause will go a long way in helping you to pick and stick to an effective and result giving anti-wrinkle regime. Saving you time and money, as well as providing motivating and exciting skin and aging improvements we oh so desire in this day and age.

It’s silly and quite ineffective to just jump on the bandwagon and reach for the most expensive solution, and as you can imagine many people are quickly going bankrupt in the explosive and persuasive beauty and health markets. To efficiently come to our goals while reaching sustainable and desires results, we must focus on the foundation and principles of skin care. Before we jump right into product selection, we must realize and put into practice the basics, and then move onto more educated and researched product selection, more fine tuned for our particular needs and desires.

Phew, we’re aging as we read this, so lets get down to it shall we!

    1. Lifestyle:
    2. Stress, diet, and fitness levels all impact skin care quality in dramatic ways. Unfortunately as a bi product of our new society, we tend to lead lives with more stresses, less nutritional diets, more lazy fitness levels and poor sleep, hydration, and environmental factors are seriously detrimental to our skin in this day and age as well… An effective antiaging treatment will only go so far in the relief of your fine lines and skin care troubles if you’re living an unhealthy, unstable, and generally unhealthy lifestyle. Identify the unhealthy influences in your life, and work to elleviate them and watch the antiaging results flow in for free, among actually true ‘miraculous results guaranteed’ in other areas as well!

    3. Nutrition:
    4. An expensive or effective antiaging product isn’t going to be the end all solution to your woes, the skins health starts at a cellular and most notably, nutrient level, so do you research on proper nutrient and supplement intake to maximize and stabilize your anti aging effectiveness. Particularly pay attention to antioxidants and proper hydration, as these are two commonly look aspects of good nutrition that seriously affect our anti-aging results for many reasons.

    5. Product selection:
    6. When we are ready and doing what we can in the lifestyle and nutrition areas, we can start into picking an appropriate treatment specific to what we want to achieve. Proper product research goes along way here for both results and cost. Look for emphasis on certain ingredients, namely;

Retinol, hydroxyl acids, coenzyme Q10, copper peptides, and Vitamin-c

     rich compounds on the ingredient list of well regarded and reviewed anti-aging solutions. All of these are tried, tested and well proven ingredients of effective wrinkle reducers. Also available like never before with the computer and internet age, is customer feedback and recommendation information on almost anything. If you find a product that seems tailor made to what you need or want, research some previous customer feedback, they may help you make a more educated purchase, caution you to things, or recommend an ever better product in the same genre!

  1. In conclusion
  2. In interest of keeping this article short and concise, let us conclude with some popular yet powerful everyday advice, which we seem to brush off or forget about from time to time.

We tend as humans to have a short attention and focus span… making commitments with good intentions but falling short in due time. If we are serious enough about maintaining our youthful vitality, it is important we have the mindset and approach to meet, maintain and fulfill our desires.

A healthy diet, fitness or product regime isn’t going to be truly effective if we fall out of the habit in a week’s time. We must decide on the course of action, and follow through on it to get to final destination. This isn’t necessarily just anti aging advice, but life advice, we all already know this, but sometimes it takes a little reminder or kick in the butt to help us continue on the long winding road to results!

Get to it folks, do your research and PRACTICE the fundamentals of proper skin care and antiaging principles, set your goals, but most importantly… follow through, and refuse to give up until you have achieved that which you desire!

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