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You will not find an effective anti aging skin care product in a department store or on one of those shopping networks. The best products do not have designer or celebrity names. In fact, they are advertised very little, because instead of relying on bold advertising statements, they rely on the quality of their ingredients and, believe it or not, word of mouth.

You may have thought that word of mouth advertising was dead and gone, but it’s well and alive. It just takes people like you and me to find a good skin care product and write about it. The ingredients do the rest.

I read a lot of product reviews on the internet and I have noticed that when it comes to anti aging skin care products, most people are dissatisfied. I believe there are several reasons for this.

First, consumers are tricked into believing that ingredients work by advertising hype. One product that contains collagen is very popular right now, but most people say that there was either no effect or they had an allergic reaction. Let me tell you why that is.

Collagen derived from cowhide is not the same as human collagen and can neither replace it nor be used by it. Many people are allergic to it, so before an injection, you must have an allergy test.

The reason that it works in injection form, but not in anti aging skin care products, is because it replaces some of the fatty tissue in the deepest of the skin’s layers and “stretches” out the wrinkles. It does nothing if rubbed on the surface, except possibly cause irritation.

Another reason that people are dissatisfied is because they have been given only a tiny bit of information. They know that collagen and elastin are lost with age, but they do not know that they can be rebuilt, with the right nutritional support from the right anti aging skin care product.

Collagen and elastin fibers are tightly woven meshes of proteins. It is actually loss of protein that deteriorates the fibers, along with damage from the sun and pollution. If you “feed your face” the proteins that it needs, it will be able to grow new collagen, elastin and skin-cells. If you want effectiveness, you want anti aging skin care products that contain functional keratin protein and increase the production of hyaluronic acid protein through the use of Wakame.

To repair and prevent further damage by the sun, pollution and the free radicals that they increase, you need antioxidants. They are vitamins and other nutrients that prevent free radical damage by neutralizing their activity. COQ10, vitamin E and again components of Wakame are the ingredients to look for in an antioxidant anti aging skin care product.

One further reason that people are dissatisfied is because some of the ingredients in skin care products actually do more damage, usually by including alcohols or paraffin waxes which strip the natural oils and dry out the skin’s surface. You need moisturizing natural oils, such as avocado and macadamia.

That’s not everything that you need to know about the subject. But hopefully, now you know a little more about what to look for in an effective anti aging skin care product.

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