How Can Women ‘Reverse Wrinkles’ Naturally?

There are specific reasons why skin ‘grows old’ before its time. Most skin ages prematurely. Women (and men) often show accelerated signs of aging that could be prevented or reversed naturally. Your skin was created to completely replace itself every 28 days from the very cells that gave you the youthful skin as a baby. Wrinkles, sagging skin and other visible signs of aging indicate the skin has degenerated.

So, what causes lines and wrinkles? They are caused by many factors – primarily stress and the accumulation of toxic chemicals in the skin.

Toxic Chemicals

Synthetic chemicals cause pollution in the body. As the largest organ of the body, the skin is often called upon to neutralize potential damage as well as to attempt to eliminate the toxins. This can result degeneration – causing a cascade of problems that can include wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of elasticity and loss of vital life force. For example, synthetic detergents in cleansers break down the skin’s own moisture and oil barriers, leaving skin stripped, dehydrated and vulnerable. Synthetic emulsifiers and binders disrupt collagen and other connective tissue causing it to lose elasticity and become brittle.

Other toxins include:

– Dioxin can visibly accelerate the appearance of aging. Many skin and personal care products are contaminated with this carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting toxin. Avoid products with PEG, Triclosan or Sodium Laurel Sulfate ingredients.

– Detergents over-cleanse and strip the skin of important nutrients. Commonly used detergents include SLS, SLES, Betaines and soaps.

– Destructive free radicals can be stimulated by the use of bar soap, alpha hydroxyl acids, synthetic fragrance and color pigments.

– Preservatives like Imidazolidinyl Urea and DMDM Hydantoin contain free formaldehyde which can increase inflammation rashes. It’s been implicated in DNA damage, inhibiting DNA repair as well as causing cancer.


Facial muscles display how we feel through various expressions. Repeated facial movements under excessive stress cause aging to be even more accelerated. This happens when we try to mask / hide the presence of fear, anger or insecurity. Lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and other signs of accelerating aging are cause from undue tension trapped in the face.

– Repeated facial expression – especially under stress, creases the muscle and skin tissue as well.

– Tension restricts blood flow and oxygen, causing cells to starve and become weak or die prematurely.

– Stress activates release of excessive adrenal-based chemicals that flood the body and hold tension in place.

– Stress factors can initiate premature signs of aging, leading connective tissue to degrade. Sagging skin is often a result. With accumulated stress and chemical damage, connective tissue can fray and draw skin into small creases/fine lines.

Those are just two examples that can lead to a cascade of cellular breakdowns that degenerate our beautiful, youthful skin. Very few scientists, medical professionals or cosmetic companies are dealing with these two major problems. So, here are suggested steps to help YOU take control and reverse wrinkles naturally:

Step One – eliminate toxic chemicals that contribute to premature aging and wrinkles.

Step Two – help retrain and restore the Muscle Memory to skin, muscles and myofacial tissue by applying clinically proven, organic skin care products to feed the cells and create smooth, younger looking skin.

Finally – by adding unique techniques to retrain the facial muscles, you can create muscle tone for an everlasting youthful look – reversing wrinkles naturally.

Linda Chae is President & Chief Formulator for Chae Organics, Inc. and a pioneer in ‘go natural’ skin care for consumers. Her commitment to clean, safe toxic free products [] requires organic ingredients backed by scientific research. As a consumer advocate, protecting human beings from dangers in skin care products became personal when she became a cancer survivor herself. To order her products, visit []

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