Dip Into the Fountain of Youth With Strength Training


In generations past, the aging process was a cruel and inevitable march towards frailty and loss of independence. Anyone fortunate enough to reach the age of 70 usually looked hunched, shriveled and old. Today, however, we know that many of the weaknesses and conditions that used to make old age so oppressive are not necessarily predestined.

The first physical sign of aging is the loss of muscle tissue, starting somewhere in the 30’s amounting to around 300 grams per year. This loss continues unrelentingly throughout a person’s life accelerating after age 50. Most people would notice a slight drop in strength, tasks that were once easy become more difficult but for the most part there is little change in body weight or size. This is mainly because body fat is accumulated and hides the muscle tissue loss.

This increase in body fat is the second physical marker of the aging process. The third physical marker is bone loss. Just like muscle tissue if it not worked hard 1% of bone mass is lost each year. Weakened muscles not longer place enough stress on the bones they are attached too so the body has no reason to keep the skeleton strong. Bones become weaker, more porous, lighter and at greater risk for fracture.

These three conditions, muscle mass loss, bone loss and body fat increase all go together hand in hand to propel you speedily down the downward spiral of accelerated aging. The metabolic rate drops, energy levels plummet, the body hurts from the lack of muscle supporting and protecting joints and bones and the immune system weakens leaving one at a greater risk of contracting a life threatening disease or illness.

If we take care of ourselves properly, muscles do not have to shrink, strength does not have to evaporate, bones do not have to become brittle, limbs do not have to become stiff and inflexible, backs and joints do not have to ache, metabolisms do not have to slow to a crawl and fat does not have to hang off our bodies and bulge from our clothes.

Taking care of ourselves means strength training exercise, of taking an active role in your very own aging process so that many the problems you will face are eliminated or at least do not get any worse before they need to.

Each year millions of dollars are spent on pills, potions, surgery etc by people searching for the perfect anti aging formula. Instead of being found in a bottle of pills it is found in good old-fashioned “work” and sweat. That’s right, nothing else known to mankind can fight the aging process better than giving our bodies what they have been designed to do, and that is the vigorous physical activity that they need to stay healthy.

To stay youthful, dynamic and healthy you need to keep that focus on strengthening your muscles and bones preventing the loss of muscle mass with a proper exercise program that includes at least 60% strength training exercise.

Instead of looking forward to decades of pain and suffering as the body slowly deteriorates we must stop being doctor dependent and learn how to take charge of our own health to control our aging.

When you add some “work” back into your life you are dipping into the Fountain of Youth. You can become lean and fit, reduce the risk of chronic disease, relieve fatigue and anxiety, and regain the youthful enthusiasm and energy you need to live your life to the fullest. And as the Fountain of Youth promised, you will not only feel years younger, you will also look years younger.

Carolyn Hansen has worked in the Fitness Industry for over 30 years. Currently the co-owner of 2 Fitness Centres in Northland New Zealand. A National Champion Bodybuilder with over 25 years competition experience. Enjoys writing health and fitness articles for local newspapers and magazines. If you want a second chance to right the wrongs you have committed against your body, you can be rejuvenated. You can regain vitality, muscular strength, endurance and a higher quality of life. Go to [http://www.over50looking30.com] for a FREE Report “I’ve Found the Fountain of Youth”- Let Me Show You Too!

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