Apply Athena Like the Best, Why Compromise For Anything Less?


The wrinkle cream that says a 7 minute lift, yes that’s right Athena, has become the talk of the town these days.

I say “talk of the town” because of it’s increasing popularity which is very much apparent from the fact that it is being raised in talk shows and health programs. Recently, Dr. Kaplan shared his views on this cream on Good Morning America. It is a fresh age group wrinkle creams that works to decrease the emergence of wrinkles after you use it.

And before using this cream, there are certain tips that you should follow.

They are easy to do, but they certainly help in getting the finest results from this cream:

1. Apply the cream with the help of your pointing finger or a brush. using a brush is much more better & easier and do remember to dampen the brush every now and then before using it.

2. A small amount should be applied. Athena is a very useful product, and does not comprise of plenty of filler like numerous other creams. A very small amount should be put on the finger or the brush.

3. Apply Athena on the area under the eye, on the upper eye lid, then next to the eyes in the region of crow’s feet. Then apply on the forehead area, then among the eyes, and then on the facial skin around your lips. These are the target areas and thus they should not be overlooked.

4. Make sure to maintain the brush damp at all times whilst applying the cream if you find the brush feels dried up.

5. Over the next 7 minutes, try and avoid any facial expression. This means no frowning, no smiling or laughing, while Athena works on the skin.

Hence, you will be able to get the maximum benefit from Athena. The mixtures of 12 botanical oils are the essential components in Athena 7 minute lift, and if these steps are followed then amazing results can be expected.

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