AntiAging Nutritional Products and Exercise Help Maintain Good Health


Scientists have overwhelmingly concluded that exercise, whether it is daily or every second or third day, is a critical lifelong discipline that people should adopt to prevent coronary heart disease and other serious physical ailments later in life. There are many antiaging practices that you can adopt on a daily basis that will help you to live a productive, happy, disease-free life, and exercise certainly contributes. According to a recent Scottish study that was reported in a recent edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, a single session of exercise improves the level of healthy blood vessels and reduces unhealthy lipid levels in men.

Exercise is only one component among a variety of daily disciplines required to maintain good overall health. As we age, our skin sags, and sometimes we are afflicted with disease later in life. Finding a good anti aging supplement, eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables, and anti aging nutritional products go a long way to maintaining your good health.

This Scottish group studied 20 middle-aged male subjects, ten who were lean and 10 who were obese. They measured blood lipid levels and the reactivity of blood vessels after a fatty meal twice in each subject, a week or two part. In the two groups of men studied, in the afternoon before the measurements were taken on each subject, they walked on a treadmill for 90 minutes, they did no exercise the day before the other test. Triglyceride blood levels improved by 25% in both groups of subjects, and it also improve blood vessel function by 25%! The study also concluded that when a fatty meal was consumed it increased the triglyceride levels and worsened blood function in all of the subjects. However, the negative effects of this dietary intake was significantly blunted by the input of exercise the day before. Regardless of what anti aging supplement, or lifestyle you choose for yourself, exercise is very important.

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