Agelessness – Looking and Feeling Younger at Any Age

Society is obsessed with remaining young. I imagine that if anyone ever truly found a fountain of youth they would be a billionaire overnight. Individuals spend mega dollars on spa treatments, facial and skin products, cosmetic and surgical procedures, all because they want to look younger, oftentimes with money they have to borrow from creditors or take away from another priority.

I’m not saying you should not utilize things to improve the way you look; I’m all for it. However, there are many aspects that go into agelessness and we’re going to talk about them right now. Fixing your face does not create agelessness for you. In addition, it’s important to understand just what is healthy to use in your daily regimen and what isn’t. Agelessness is created by understanding and balancing all four of your dimensions. Focusing on one area does not create agelessness; physical youthfulness is only the outside.

You age in three ways: chronologically, biologically, and psychologically. You have no control over your chronological years – number of years you’ve lived on this planet – but you do have power over your biological and psychological agelessness. You can be as much as 15 or 20 years younger biologically than chronologically. Biological is the age at which your body is aging and psychological is the age at which your mind is aging.

First Step…

It is vitally important to be connected to your Creator. It doesn’t matter what your belief system is, it is necessary to connect to the power greater than you. Why? As a creation of the Creator you are part of the Creator, which in turn gives you the power to co-create your life. This can empower you if you acknowledge and accept your birthright of magnificence. In this place you know you are worthy of all that is good and all you need do is step into that power. In addition to this, you are first and foremost a spirit who has taken human form to experience this life and grow into greater awareness of your true self.

Equally important is your purpose for being on this earth. So many individuals have no idea what their purpose in life is, if they even know they have a purpose. Many believe they are here to exist in what society calls a “normal” life – finish school, earn a degree or learn a trade, obtain a decent job, get married, raise a family, have some fun, work hard, accumulate material gain, retire and finally leave the planet. Do you really believe that is all there is to your life experience? Even if you accomplish all the things I just mentioned, what have you truly gained once you leave?

I believe, along with many other spiritual people, that there is a greater picture than what I painted above. I believe we came here with a definite purpose, something that involves giving back of ourselves to others. While we certainly deserve to experience all the wonderful things in the physical realm I already mentioned, we come here with an inborn gift and the responsibility to share it with the world. Perhaps it means writing that book you’ve felt nudged to write, or getting a particular degree to pursue something new, or starting a business that allows you to do what you love doing. It’s often a gut feeling that an individual senses, something that comes to the surface of their mind from time to time but often they push away. Deepak Chopra said this: “Everyone has a purpose in life…a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.”

I remember when I first felt the nudging to become a public speaker. That was not something I wanted to consider in any way so I tucked it away – buried it within me. As time went on it became a thought that wouldn’t go away and suddenly I was faced with an opportunity to take a speaker training. I fought it and fought it until I was tired of the turmoil inside of me and took the class. I was petrified, but I did it. After completing the training I began to speak, and now it is easy to do. Why? Because I broke through the fear that was keeping me stuck from responding to my inner guidance. What have you been pushing away and hiding from your self? Fear paralyzes you and is a block if you’re saying “No” to your inner guidance.

When a person is living on purpose their life is full of excitement, like a continuous adventure into new territory. A person who lives this way has no time to think about retirement or aging because their life is too full of inner joy. Why? They’re doing what they were meant to do and lovin’ it! What do most people focus on as they age: sickness; fatigue; reduced income; boredom; loneliness; not contributing anything of value? Of all of these the one that appeared at the top of the list for almost everyone is not contributing anything of value. If a person doesn’t feel useful they will focus on negative thoughts and therefore create a negative outcome. Living on purpose changes the entire scenario because a person on purpose is out there doing it, so knows he/she is contributing something of value.

Take time every day for quiet time. This is time to introspectively remember your greatness as a creation of the Creator of the universe, and also to unveil your gifts. It is only in the still, quiet moment that you can know who you really are.

As always, you have a choice. You can continue to sweep under the rug all those inner nudgings that encourage you to move forward with your purpose, or you can actually step up to the plate and become what you came here to be. It’s all about choice. Neither is right or wrong, but one will take you into a higher realm of consciousness. Do you really want to come to the end of the road and realize you haven’t accomplished what you really wanted to do? Will you leave this planet with your gift still within you? Many do. A good reason not to follow the crowd!


Basically there are two main aspects to your spiritual body:
1.Knowing your power because you are connected to your Source.
2.Discovering your purpose for this life experience and moving forward by doing it.

Note: It’s your choice!

Second Step…

The second dimension of your being that is equally important to agelessness is your mental patterns. Throughout your life journey you have been conditioned, programmed and sometimes brainwashed with certain patterns and beliefs that over time have become your truth, due often to the repetition. Your parents began the process and laid the foundation for your beliefs, and even if you move into new thoughts later in life, the memory of those early patterns are often hidden within and sneak to the surface through your responses to life experiences. There is a process of recognizing the old pattern, releasing the old pattern, and then allowing your new thoughts to fill you up. This is so true for agelessness. Let me explain.

Many people focus on negative thoughts. Perhaps they’ve been telling you that as you get older in years you’re going to become ill, less mobile, may have to move to an assisted living home, or that getting old is no fun. So all your life you’ve been watching the clock tick and getting more fearful of the advancing years. I shared this feeling as a young woman in my thirties. I looked at my parents and grandparents and the people with whom they associated, and I knew I didn’t want that kind of life – so much focus on what’s wrong. I’m not denying the fact that our bodies do wear down over the years and will eventually quit breathing, but I hated the thought of senior years with what I was hearing and seeing around me. Without realizing what I was doing, I simply thought in my mind that I wanted something different, that I wanted a life that was happy, healthy and full of vitality instead of illness, feebleness, dreariness, and complaining, and on some level I knew it could be different. Here’s what happened.

Many things showed up in my life to help me realize the life I stated as my dream. I had set an intention, which was merely stating my thought that I wanted to live another lifestyle, although I had no idea that’s what I did. So I am living differently from those before me, and the reason I am is that the universe brought me experiences so I could learn wiser ways to live – healthier eating and lifestyle, better ways to focus my energy, a different way of thinking, and most of all an understanding of my own worth and magnificence. This didn’t happen for many years, but the process did begin years ago as “teachers” appeared on my life path to assist me. My teachers came in the form of people strategically placed along my path at the perfect time, books that caught my attention, lessons in relationships, illness, and all of these things became ways for me to research for more and different until I found answers to whatever was my current need. As a result, my entire life went through a metamorphosis that brought me into a place of knowing that I am ageless because my spirit is eternal, and the fact that I am capable of living according to my choice.

It doesn’t mean I will never have illness or problems as the world sees it, but it does mean that I don’t see them the same so can rise over them into my real self – spirit. When you believe in something and know it within, you create it. So if I see myself as vibrantly healthy, a woman genuinely full of passion for life and my purpose here on earth, and one who is energetically focusing on youthfulness, I project that out to the world so that they see it too. Whatever you are on the inside is what the world sees on the outside!

You see, “as a man thinketh, so is he”…that’s what the Bible says, what Buddha says, and all other religions across the globe. You create your own reality by your thoughts. Motivational speakers and authors have been telling us for decades to focus on the positive instead of the negative, saying that if you want something to envision it as already here. If you do this conscientiously, it will come for you. This has happened over and over again in my life and never fails as long as I continue focusing on what I want. If I
begin looking at the possibility that it might not come for me, then I block it through a fear thought and it won’t come until I let go of that negative thought.

So how does this relate to agelessness? Simple and easy because if you think you’re getting old and decrepit, that’s exactly what you’ll be. If you’re constantly worrying about becoming ill, being alone, not being able to care for yourself, then more than likely this is what your life will become. I hear people constantly talking about getting old, that their hair is thinning because they’re getting old, or their joints hurt due to aging. So guess what, that’s what continually shows up for them – old! Instead, focus on all the wonderful things in your life and what you’re doing for others. Become love and spread it everywhere and the thought of growing older will not be your constant companion. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, focus on what you can do!


Most of society focuses on the negative aspects of aging.

1.You do not have to focus on aging as many do.

2.You become what you think about.

Note: It’s your choice!

Third Step…

Now we’re going to talk about the third aspect of your self, and that is your heart. In your heart are your emotions – what you feel. You can think about something, perhaps a dream house you’d like to have one day, the thought comes and goes and you simply say “That would be nice.” However, if you put feeling with it by thinking about it a lot and imagining what it would be like to live there, it strengthens the thought and makes it turn into a desire that begins to stir you up and make it more real. It is the feeling combined with the thought that creates the reality.

This is true for agelessness. If a thought crosses your mind that yes, your years are reaching higher numbers and you know you are getting older, that’s one thing. But if you worry about aging or dwell on it frequently with negative thoughts, afraid of what it will be like, you’ve added the feeling which creates it into reality. But you can flip the coin and focus on the good aspects and put loving feelings behind the thought, and voila, you change the entire scenario!

Nothing ages you faster than harboring old grievances that involve anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, or guilt. These things remain in your memory box unless you lift the lid and let them go. How do you release them? Through forgiveness! This means to forgive yourself first and foremost and then forgive those in your life, whether presently alive or those who have transitioned to the other side.

As a wholeness coach, I’ve run across quite a few people who are holding onto a past grievance and they’re full of rage and hurt. As long as they remain in this place they are the victim, and victims are not winners because this keeps them small. One woman had a riff with a dear college friend and they hadn’t spoken or contacted each other for 23 years. When a “chance” meeting occurred (there is no such thing as a chance
anything!), they talked about the incident and began to laugh about it, and realized how absurd it had been to hang onto those negative hurtful feelings all these years, which had kept them apart. And this happens all the time in most people’s lives. What does it gain for you? Nothing, absolutely nothing that is good. Revenge, retaliation, and getting even by holding the grudge and not speaking mainly hurts you for those feelings remain buried within you and continue to fester and simmer with the anger you are feeling. What do you think that does to your heart? You’ve got it – it ages you, for without love in your heart you shrivel up with the pain.

The only thing that heals every hurt, pain, or angry manifestation is love. Love is the greatest healer because love understands, is compassionate, forgives, accepts, appreciates, blesses, is kind, cares, welcomes, encourages, and is unconditional. Very few people understand this concept so most people hold onto their hurts and allow them to build up over the years. But if you learn to forgive and let go of these perceived injustices toward you, you will become lighter, freer, happier, and younger because you will radiate love from within you.

Before you can do anything that expresses as love, you must love yourself. Psychologists tell us that many people have a low self image, so they think they aren’t good enough to do whatever it is they want to do. This low self-esteem has been taught you from parents, teachers, peers, bosses, siblings and even friends. They may not have been aware they were doing it because they are only passing on to you what they themselves have been taught. My belief is that I am a perfect design of the Creator of the universe, which makes me an absolutely wonderful, magnificent, beautiful, talented, fabulous, spectacular work of art! And guess what…you are also all of those things, for the same is true for everyone. It is imperative that you believe in your worth and understand that it has nothing to do with what you do; you are worthy because of who you are. Remember this very important principle of life: You cannot give what you do not have! So if you don’t love yourself, it is virtually impossible to truly love anyone else. And love forgives everything, even if you don’t like it or agree with it.

I think it’s rather obvious that forgiving and allowing yourself to love unconditionally will keep you younger. People will gravitate to you and enjoy being around you. If hurtful things are ever said to you, you’ll know it’s their stuff and can easily let it roll right off your back. When you reach this place of peacefulness no matter what, which only is known if love is in your heart, you will shine with radiant agelessness!


The emotions of your heart make it real.

1.Harboring anger and past hurts actually hurts you most.

2.Love is the only thing that heals, and in turn keeps you ageless.

Note: It’s your choice!

Due to the length of this article, you can find the Fourth Step in Agelessness – Part II, or go to my website under All About Health.

Carolyn Porter, D. Div.

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Carolyn Porter, D. Div., is a Spiritual Wholeness Coach, Author of multiple books, ebooks and audios, Speaker, Energy Facilitator, and Health store co-owner whose passion is to help you move beyond your self-imposed limitations and become all you are meant to be.

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