Which Food Causes Your Acne


There are many causes of acne, and one of the easiest to control is the food you eat. One specific food that is incredibly bad for your skin is called vegetable oil. Find out how it causes your acne, and what to do about it…

Vegetable oil causes the production of inflammatory hormones. These inflammatory hormones cause excess skin oil which results in acne. A VERY SIMPLE and EASY way to reduce and even clear your acne is to reduce and even stop your intake of vegetable oil!

I used to suffer from terrible acne. More acne would appear each day than would disappear, so I constantly had lots of acne on my face. And everyday I would eat some food with vegetable oil in it. The link was there, but I didn’t know about vegetable oil causing acne back then…

How much vegetable oil you eat each day will greatly affect how much acne you get, and also, how bad your acne will be. I highly recommend you cut down today. Go and check the ingredients of all the food you eat regularly and make sure no vegetable oil is in it.

Here is short list of food that usually contains vegetable oil:

– Cookies (biscuits)

– Chips (crisps)

– Pesto/Pasta Sauces

– Cooking oils (pure vegetable oil!)

Simply avoiding this acne causing food is the best way to reduce your acne today. For me, I saw a dramatic improvement in my acne in just a few short days after avoiding vegetable oil.

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