Vitamins For Acne – Should It Work?


Acne is the most common skin diseases. A lot of people all over the world have experienced some form of acne at some point of their lives; some have experienced more acne and some less. The reasons for the appearance of acne can be: genetic, environmental, hormonal imbalance, and others.

Lack of zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A, and other vitamins and minerals may lead to acne.
Since the cause of acne is natural and effected by the body’s hormonal imbalance, the person who suffers from acne should check the individual reason for his / her acne and take care of the problem naturally.

There are many more causes of acne that should be treated along with vitamin consumption. Some of the causes are: smoking, sweat, dirt, excess testosterone, metabolism, genes, nutrition, and more.

Some of these causes can be treated by simply changing the person’s basic life style and taking care of oneself.

Supplements can help the body to get its balance back.

The supplements can be vitamins and mineral:

Vitamin C: essential for collagen formation, a protein that helps the skin to build connective tissues and is also anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin B: Helps to produce new body cells and improves the neural functioning.

Vitamin A: essential for the body’s hormonal balance and effects the skins health.

Zinc: Helps to better absorb vitamin A, essential for the body’s immunity system, anti-inflammatory, and also helps to keep hormonal balance.

There are many more vitamins and minerals which can be used in order to treat acne. The way to deal with it is to check what the body is missing in order to keep its balance.

It is very important to notice that excess of vitamins can sometimes become toxic, and can also hurt the person who consumes it, can cause stomachaches and other bad symptoms, therefore the best advice would be to go to the doctor and check the body’s hormonal balance and get his opinion.

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