The One Acne Treatment That You Should Be Using But Probably Aren’t


Section 1. Why Clear Skin Is A Difficult Task
Acne sufferers go a long time without having any success with getting immaculate skin. If you desire this right now, then have a look at what the natural acne treatment in this article will do for you.

Actually, I must correct myself immediately: it’s not really an acne treatment, but it’s a treatment for a lot of ailments. And this natural remedy that I am talking about is Bentonite Clay.

Section 2. Bentonite Clay Is A Superior Acne Treatment
Bentonite Clay has been extensively used by many people and they have “all” had major breakthroughs. Before I talk about Bentonite Clay in terms of what it is and how it works, I must explain a simple concept of life that acne patients’ just don’t “get”.

The concept of life I want to talk about is this: “the human body is constantly trying to clean itself from the inside”.

You have to understand this. Your body has been put together by a unique network of capillaries, blood vessels, nerves, vital internal organs, and so many more complex systems. These systems all work together to protect your body and to keep it clean from the inside. On the outside of your body, you have orifices that can permit the entry of dangerous toxins, bacteria, viruses, and various other poisonous substances. And such toxins come from your food, cigarette smoke, vehicular traffic, smog, drugs, alcohol, air pollution, and generally any form of pollution itself.

Section 3. Your Body’s Channels Of Elimination
The human body gets rid of toxins through various “channels of elimination”. I refer to them as primary and secondary channels.

The primary channels of elimination for toxic substances are the anus and urethra. Most of the unwanted waste is passed out in your urine or faecal matter. Now the problem for acne patients begins right in the small and large colon. Basically what I mean is that your body will get rid of toxins via these two routes first before it attempts to use use the secondary channels, but the problem arises when the small and (especially) the large colon become congested.

Section 4. Your Skin Is A Channel Of Elimination
Now, one of the biggest “secondary” channels of elimination is your SKIN. The proof is the fact that you release waste such as ammonia through your sweat pores. Yes. Your skin is one of the biggest secondary channels of elimination.

Section 5. Your Congested Colon
So what exactly is the ideology of a CONGESTED COLON and what impact does it have on your skin?

Ok. If your colon becomes congested, it means that you have particles of food, faeces, and various types of waste literally stuck to the walls of your intestines. And in some cases (depending on how severe the “congestion” actually is), the impaction of waste material can remain for as long as several months.

Well if you think about it, your intestines absorb nutrition into your blood stream. It then processes this nutrition and you are left over with toxic by-products that need to be gotten rid of.

Now if the walls of your intestines are impacted with mucoidal waste, the absorption of nutritional chemicals from your food and the expulsion of by-products into the intestinal tract are both seriously reduced. This is exactly why acne patients feel “sluggish”, and experience lethargy, headaches, lack of motivation.

More importantly, an impacted intestinal tract will force further toxins to your skin, which is the secondary channel of elimination. “This” is what stops you from getting rid of your acne spots. This is it.

Good colonic health is vital for acne sufferers.

Bentonite Clay is the one natural acne remedy that you must start using today. This medicine is fine particles of clay that carry a negative charge that attract all of this junk and flushes it out of your system. In turn, this begins to suck out your acne spots and your skin start to look a whole lot clearer.

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