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Acne Adult Dilemma

You’d think after the adolescent stage of our lives, our skin would know that and respond to hormonal changes in a positive way. Unfortunately our skin (and bodies as a whole) oftentimes are not fed the raw materials necessary to make those adjustments and hence we’re left with all sorts of symptoms – including adult acne.

Historically, the master herbalists of old would recommend herbal alteratives which are upwards of 100 specialized plants which clean the blood and eliminative tissues and organs. Dr. Nowell once called these herbs blood purifiers and “sweeteners”.

How do herbal alternatives affect the blood in that way? Blood impurities occur because of the improper functioning of one or more organs – most frequently the secretory organs – which fail to carry out impurities. Toxicity may also come from improper food or impure air and water.

It’s the consensus of mainstream medicine that hormones are the main and only culprit in skin eruptions (commonly known as either adolescent or acne of adults). However, which organs produce hormones? Feed a liver, or any endocrine gland, artificial foods and what quality of hormones, if any, do you think they will produce?

Fact is, the liver, kidneys and skin are the chief organs for carrying off impurities and waste matter. If the liver is torpid and bile retained in the system, we may find in one case the retained bile has affected digestion, and in another case, caused acne adult.

An acne type skin eruption is one of the first signs of failure to maintain an open avenue of elimination through the liver and bowels. If the kidneys fail to secrete as they should or are not furnished with the proper amount of clean water, the blood can remain toxic.

The skin may not be eliminating well, or the lungs may be unable to oxygenize the blood due to impure air being breathed and retained.

So as you can see there are many factors involved with acne of all kinds. Food, air, emotional stress, and other essential factors all play a role and must be improved, in addition to herbal therapy, or the bloodsream may remain toxic.

Article by Rita Lambros-Segur, M.H. of Electrical Body, Inc. Rita has helped thousands of regular folks improve their health with natural strategies. Visit Skin Care Trends [] for more information.

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