Should You Save Up for Isolagen for Acne Scars?


The “best” treatments aren’t cheap. This is no secret. Over-the-counter medicines may be effective, but for fast-acting, long-lasting results, people usually save up for expensive clinical treatments, sometimes even for surgery. Therefore, treatments like Isolagen for acne scars is an option for people with the money to make it happen. The question is: if you don’t have the money to make it happen, should you save up for it?

Does Isolagen for acne scars even work? The claims about Isolagen are diverse. But if acne scars are your sole (or most pressing) problem, is Isolagen the “best” form of treatment?

Isolagen is a fairly new treatment option, coming into light only four years ago. It claims to operate on the concept of cellular rejuvenation, or helping one’s own cells regenerate. This is done through a complicated process that may take a few months, but the skin’s healing effects are expected to last around 10 years.

In the Isolagen process, a sample patch of skin is removed from behind one’s ear, and then sent to the Isolagen laboratory in London. There, scientists will harvest the collagen-promoting cells called fibroblasts from the skin sample. The fibroblasts are then isolated into small vials, then cultured and frozen in storage for a short time.

After the fibroblasts have been “activated,” they are either injected into certain parts of the face, or “seeded” under the patch of skin that needs to be treated. Collagen will then proceed to multiply on one’s facial skin. Within around two months, results will be clearly visible – your face regains a youthful elasticity. Age spots, sun damage and even acne scars are expected to disappear.

The cost of the treatment is quite high, and could go beyond 4000 British pounds. This includes the skin sampling and two treatment sessions, consisting of twenty injections each. The treatment could also be somewhat painful, and in some cases temporary swelling has been observed.

It would appear that there are cases when people do not respond to the Isolagen treatment. There has been significant controversy about Isolagen which should not be ignored. For one thing, it was pulled out of the US shortly before its launch in the UK, after the FDA (Federal Drugs Agency) said they had concerns over its scientific trials. In the UK, however, the treatment was approved, as it was not classified as medicine and did not need regulation. After receiving some complaints from dissatisfied customers that the treatment did not work, Isolagen was also pulled out of the UK market. The treatment will be reviewed again in 2010 to see if any significant changes to the treatment have been observed.

Isolagen treatments may still be available in your area. So if you’re looking to get Isolagen for acne scarring – think it over very carefully. In the long run, it may not be worth the effort of saving.

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