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During my high school years, I had terrible acne all over my face. Unfortunately, the acne left some scars that look many small dimples on my cheeks. I feel like I’ve tried every product out there and have spent hundreds of dollars. One of the best products I found for clearing my acne was surprisingly not Proactiv as many people would suspect. It is called Beautiful Skin. Yes, I did try Proactiv and I wasn’t completely satisfied as some of the other “no name” products such as this one. The great thing about Beautiful Skin was its free 30-day trial. All I had to pay was the cost of shipping. I stuck with Beautiful Skin for about five months before trying various acne scar removal products. Like most, if not all, acne treatment products, Beautiful Skin involves a few steps (four to be exact) that are done once or twice a day. These include:

  1. Cleanser: Gently removes dirt and makeup without drying the skin
  2. Toner: Refreshes and softens the skin
  3. Day Serum: Lightweight, non-greasy gel helps combat daily pollutants while heals acne
  4. Cream: Gentle, yet effective, treats and heals acne without irritation and helps prevent future acne

Beautiful Skin is not just for teenagers either; adults can use it effectively too! My mother had a light case of acne during the summer and she used some of my Beautiful Skin to get rid of it in a matter of weeks. Seems to work great for all acne cases, whether its as bad as mine or very light cases of acne. I cover more acne treatment tips and acne scar removal products in my blog:
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