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Here is a simple tip to help you get clear skin. If you already have an acne problem, or have only a few pimples, though there are many creams and medicines to help you clear your skin, we would like to offer a simple method that will help; Go to a Steam Room. Many local gyms and spas have steam rooms, and you can even have one installed in your house. In addition to other benefits a steam room may provide including burning calories to help you lose weight, a steam room will also help you clear up your skin naturally. Though creams and face scrubs can help, in some cases they may also cause further damage by drying out your skin.

What happens in a steam room is as your body heats up, your skin’s pores will open up as you begin to sweat. The sweat coming through your veins will act as a cleanser to help free your body of the toxins that are causing the acne. After all, what are pimples, blockages in your pores, mixed with bacteria and other toxins. So if you can open up your pores and let the bad stuff out, you are greatly helping free your skin of your acne problem, or few pimples you may have.

Another tip for your skin, when in the steam room, rub you skin with you hand, and you will also help exfoliate you skin, making it soft and smooth, and free of dead skin.

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