Adult Acne – Why?

Adult acne is something that many people feel is never going to happen to them. If you are over the age of twenty-five, and your face is breaking out with pimples from oily or dry skin, you can get relief, using the acne fighting medications that are designed just for adults. Many times adult acne is a sign of hormones changing, and even for the adult, your hormones are always changing as your body is changing. Don’t feel embarrassed about acne, just get the cleanser you need, balance your body and your nutrition levels, and your skin will clear up in no time at all

Adult acne is a growing problem, as many people are finding they are getting skin infections and irritations when they are allergic to any particular material or item. Adult acne is very similar to that of the teen acne, and can leave scarring if you are not careful, not to squeeze and pick at the sore areas. Leaving the adult acne areas alone for as long as possible is going to help you over come this problem with out the lasting effects of scars on your face.

Adult acne can come about even if you never had acne as a child. Different skin types require different needs, such as dry skin may require a lotion, but the lotion can bring about acne. You want to seek out the help of a dermatologist who is going to be able to give you or get you lotion that is not going to be too oily, that is not going to clog your pores as you are treating your skin.

Adult acne is not always a result of not washing your face. Adult acne can be brought about by foods, by soaps, by washing your face with a certain type of material, or by getting too much or too little sun. Adult acne is also a sign of changing and growing hormones in the body. Sometimes it can be a sign of maturity, that you are becoming an adult, and other times it can occur during the middle age years. There really is no one that is going to be prone not to getting acne sometime during his or her life. You could get acne around your hairline, around your mouth, or around your nose, or perhaps even over your cheeks.

If you find that as an adult you are starting to develop acne more and more often, you might want to think about what you have changed recently in your life. It could be the soap powder on your clothes, the soap you use in the shower, the way you wash your face, or the new towels you purchased for the bathroom. If you have not changed anything recently you might want to think about changing how you clean your face, what soap and lotion you do use, and perhaps not even using soap on your face at all. Some people have used the same soap all their life, only to become allergic or prone to breaking out every time they use that soap. Adult acne is a problem you can handle. Look for more information links here on our pages.

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