Acne Scarring and Breakouts – What Should You Do About Them


The removal of acne scarring is not a simple task and there are things and precautions you must observe to avoid further damage to the affected area. Acne scarring is almost guaranteed when you start popping those pimples and once this happen it can be very difficult to remove the scar it leaves behind. Acne scarring can sometime happens by chance and you can try every prevention method and the scarring will still happen. Acne lesions are the primary cause of acne scarring and it is prevalent in the severe type of acne such as cystic acne. Nodular acne and cystic acne sufferer will take several months before their conditions will heal and this will often cause acne scarring.

Acne is an extremely common condition in adolescence and has affected most people, even mildly, at some stage in their lives. Mental depression triggered by acne problems for teenagers are no unheard of, in fact it is quite a common problem. There are treatments that can make instantaneous improvement to the sufferer, however, in the case of acne, it will likely take months. In the period of waiting you must have patience and persevere as acne problem are not that can be solve in a short period of time. Treatment must be kept going and never stop it. Otherwise the problems will come back and you are left as you were.

The first thing people thought of as the cause of acne is usually hormone level which occurs during adolescent. The hormones fluctuation during teenage years triggers the production of excess oil and given time the pores will clog and give rise to acne. The adult can have acne breakouts triggered by hormones fluctuations. Such hormones are androgen that causes hair follicle to get clogged and cause acne.

When you are having acne breakouts, getting a tan is the last thing you should as this will cause your acne to breakout. The darker skin color causes your acne to somewhat disappear and give the illusion that it is gone. Be prepared for the acne to come back with a vengeance. There are risk often associated with tanning and tanning beds such as the skin damage that can occur, and this may hurt more than it will help.

Some say that the most painful type of acne is the nodular acne and the cystic acne. The pain is caused by the simple fact underneath the skin, pus filled cavity is present and it is inflamed. When a comedo is developed, the waste from the body is trapped underneath the skin making it fertile breeding ground for bacteria. The initial step of the process is the development of the nodule and at a later stage the problem will escalate into acne cyst. Acne scarring are sometimes unavoidable when you have these types of acne.

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