Acne Control With Oral Medicines


When looking at Acne Control with oral medicines it is as well to know that an important part of our body that requires constant care is the skin. The skin is a shield that protects you; this is why you should always be careful with its treatment. One of the most frequent problems when it comes to your skin is acne, which can appear on many parts of your body, including your face, which is the most upsetting thing for people in general.

Some people consider acne a small issue but for many it is a serious problem that sometimes causes a loss of self confidence. Acne can have a completely different effect on people’s skin; this is why various types of treatments are needed to differentiate from one case to another. You need a constant acne control if you are going to make inroads towards curing the condition and also to ensure it’s effects aren’t too severe.

What Do Antibiotics Do For Acne Control?

A common treatment in acne control is the use of antibiotics, which are very effective in protecting the skin from bacteria and besides, acne antibiotic treatment can also prevent your skin from irritations caused by white blood cells and oily skin. A visit to the doctor is always beneficial so that you can find the best antibiotics for your particular condition.

Antibiotics such as Tetracycline, Erythromycin, Minocycline, Doxycycline, and Clindamycin are the most common used for acne control. They are usually very efficient for treating acne but you should always use them according to your doctor’s prescription. It is essential that this advice is followed, especially if you are a woman as one of the side effects is that over use can lead to Candida vaginal yeast infections.

Using birth control to treat acne

It is a fact that birth control pills have the capacity of bringing a balance to hormone levels, so when you consider that a great deal of acne comes from a build up of hormones it is easy to see why they are also very efficient when it comes to acne control. What you have to bear in mind however, is that each body reacts in a different way to acne and to oral acne medication

This is true for birth control to treat acne as well, as balancing the hormones is not something that helps everyone who suffers from acne, so although there are many people that are happy to say birth control pills had a great effect in treating their acne problems, conversely you can also find many who will say that these pills have done more damage than good for acne control and say that they suffered unwanted side effects.

So there you have it; these are all points to consider when looking at acne control, the point is that everyone is different and some times it is better to avoid the over use of acne antibiotic treatment as it depletes the body’s immune system. Try to persevere with herbal and topical treatments to find which is the best for you.

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