3 Killer Tips for Acne Prevention


Acne, a condition that haunts millions of people across the globe, can be prevented to some extent. Although you may think that acne just appears, there are certain tips to take in account in order to minimize the risk of having it. Here we leave you 3 tips you can start using today! Remember that results come after repetition, make the commitment of following the tips for 30 days and you’ll be sure toe ncounter great rewards both in you health and looks:

o Remove dead skin cells –

This must be done daily. Dead skin cells block the pores, it’s better to ask a professional first to get the exact product your skin needs, but exfoliating products do just that. Use them with a facial scrub every morning and night and you should end up with a clean skin, clear of dead skin cells. You can also try peel off masks, we have found that they are excellent to remove a large quantity of dead skin cells.

o Stop using acne-causing products.

There are certain creams that in the long run help the factors that cause acne. If you use cosmetic products watch out for the ones that are comedogenic. Comedogenic ingredients cause acne cosmetica and can worsen your condition. Immediate relief products are great once in a while, but remember that th true success comes in the long term.

o Control your body’s sebum –

Though, as of now, there are no products capable of controlling body serum, you can control it using special skin care products. Keep an eye on your body and adjust your usage of the product properly. Don’t forget to always consult a doctor who will know what is best for you, and give you the best product options.

Follow just these first 3 tips everyday and start seeing great results. These are the most basic and sometimes the most forgotten tips relating acne. Be sure to also while improving your face health, improve your overall health, skin treatments respond better to a wholesome approach. Good luck.

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